Stormy Friday- Author of Tails From Friday Harbor Series

Tails From Friday Harbor - Read Aloud to Me Book

The Characters

Telegraph and Signal, two British Shorthair kittens, and their Auntie Annie, an older Siamese cat, make their home at Friday Harbor on Dividing Creek, near Annapolis, Maryland. They live with Miss Splash and her husband, Mr. Bubbles, and assorted outdoor animal friends who have lively adventures and often get into mischief. Sometimes Signal and Telegraph have their own adventures, usually due to Signal’s inquisitive nature and natural talent for getting into trouble.

Henrietta is the white duck on the creek. She always wears a hat and pearls and carries an enormous pocketbook that is crammed with all sorts of things. She is the neighborhood gossip and taps on the window at Friday Harbor each morning to tell Auntie Annie what is happening outside.

Oscar and Ophelia are ospreys who live in Osprey Hollow, where Dividing Creek and Mill Creek split. They also have a condo in Venezuela where they go every winter. Cecil and Connie Cardinal live in the big holly bush at Friday Harbor. Their friends Chip, Clip, Hip, and Dip, the squirrel brothers, live in a large hole in an old tree at the water’s edge. Mark and Mabel Martin and their aunts, uncles, and cousins are purple martins who live in the martin apartment houses on the Friday Harbor property.

The Squirrel Brothers, Chip, Clip, Hip and Dip, live in a hollow tree at Friday Harbor and are known for their acrobatic antics.

Watch for the next book from the Tails from Friday Harbor™ Series. Remember to look for Frederick the Frog, who is hidden in each book!

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