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Signal’s Airport Adventure to be “Launched” at BWI Airport

Book launch event:
May 24, 2007
9 – 11:30 a.m.
BWI Airport Observation Gallery, Concourse B, 2nd floor

BWI Airport Hosts First Book Launch

It was a smooth take-off for the first book to be officially launched at BWI Airport. "Signal’s Airport Adventure," a new children’s book by Arnold author Stormy Friday, safely departed for bookstore and gift shop shelves both locally and across the nation after an official send-off party May 24.

Second-grade students from Chesapeake Academy in Severna Park and their chaperones filled the airport’s Observation Gallery for the morning gathering. For the airport, the event heralded the arrival of Memorial Day weekend and the start of the busy summer travel season for area families.

An estimated 800 airplanes take off from the airport each day, but never before had the airport been the launch site for a children’s book. "You’re part of BWI history," airport Deputy Executive Director of Airport Technology and Community Affairs Edward Carey told students at the start of the program.

The airport was a logical setting for the event. Ms. Friday largely wrote the book, about the misadventures of two British Shorthair kittens, while traveling through airports to visit clients of her Annapolis facilities management firm, The Friday Group. In her thank-you remarks, Ms. Friday paid special tribute to her late father, Durant Friday, and her mother Margaret Friday, who flew in from upstate New York to attend the event, for giving her the confidence to take on new adventures. She also thanked the "stars" of the book – Signal, Telegraph, and Auntie Annie – kitty characters who were inspired by her own feline companions. Ms. Friday plans to write a series of read-aloud books geared toward elementary school children based on the cats’ antics and adventures.

Apparently, she has an eager audience. The two Borders bookstores at BWI Airport sold more than 50 copies of the book over Memorial Day weekend, nearly depleting their initial supply.

"The book really appeals to kids and parents because it helps kids understand what they’ll be going through in the airport and why," said BWI Borders manager Dave Watt. The book is being marketed as a good way to prepare a child for an airplane trip.

Also participating in the book launch event were the book’s illustrator, Phyllis Saroff, of Annapolis, and publisher Pat Troy, of Arnold, whose company Bay Media specializes in publishing books by selected local authors.

"Sneaks," the cool-cat mascot of the Anne Arundel County Public Library’s Summer Reading Program, escorted the children from their bus to the Observation Gallery. In addition to a special storytime with the author and illustrator, the students learned some important lessons about airport security. Officials from TSA and the Maryland Transportation Authority Police demonstrated how passengers are “wanded” during security checks and how dogs are used to screen luggage.

After munching on cat-shaped cookies, the children boarded their bus with a promise inspired by what they had experienced. When asked what was at the top of their summer things-to-do list, they chimed in unison: "READ!"

For sales locations and more information about Signal’s Airport Adventure and the Tails From Friday Harbor read-aloud-to-me series, go online to

Photos from book launch (taken by Charles F. Rey):

Author Stormy Friday reads her new children's book, Signal's Airport Adventure, to students from Chesapeake Academy at a recent book launch at BWI Airport as Laurie Hayes, head of public relations and marketing for the Anne Arundel County Public Library, looks on."Sneaks," the library's Summer Reading Program mascot, and Joan Bradford, programming and outreach librarian, distribute stickers to students from Chesapeake Academy.

Corporal Wayne Butler of the Maryland Transportation Authority Police and his yellow lab Enano demonstrate how dogs help with security work at the airport.Chevelle Butts, a screener with the Transportation Security Administration, does a security “wanding” demonstration with volunteer Brooke Bozeman, age 8, of Gambrills, a student at Chesapeake Academy.

Adults, L to R: Author Stormy Friday; BWI Borders Manager Dave Watt; Jay Scheurle, head of Chesapeake Academy. Students, L to R: Connor Stevens, 8, of Severna Park; Ashley Owens, 7, of Annapolis.Author Stormy Friday reads her new children’s book, Signal’s Airport Adventure, to students from Chesapeake Academy at a recent book launch at BWI Airport as airport Deputy Executive Director of Airport Technology and Community Affairs Edward Carey looks on.

L to R: Publisher Pat Troy, of Arnold, president of Bay Media, Inc.; author Stormy Friday, of Arnold; and graphic artist Betsy Early, of Annapolis.Stormy Friday and Natalie Costello, 8, of Arnold.

L to R: Kris Kahan, 8 of Poplar Point; Veeraj Shah, 8, of Glen Burnie; Holden Turner, 8, of Queenstown; with Jay Scheurle, head of Chesapeake Academy.L to R: Katie Gay, 8, of Annapolis; Madline Nolte, 8, of Arnold; Isabella Patriotis, 7, of Odenton

L to R: Brooke Bozeman, 8, of Gambrills; Wes Shiflett, 8, of Annapolis; Cole Stirling, 8, of Severna Park; Mark Thiergartner, 8, of Severna ParkL to R: Allison Criswell, Liam Henderson with chaperone Jimy Winkler

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