Stormy Friday- Author of Tails From Friday Harbor Series

Tails From Friday Harbor - Read Aloud to Me Book

The Author

Stormy FridayStormy Friday and her husband live at Friday Harbor on Dividing Creek in Arnold, Maryland with Telegraph, Signal, and Auntie Annie. Watching the cats’ antics inside the house, as well as their pretend interaction with the outside animals, was her inspiration for the Tails from Friday Harbor™ Series. She named the outside animals for Telegraph’s and Signal’s benefit, and soon she imagined them having all kinds of exciting adventures.

Stormy’s goal for the Tails from Friday Harbor™ Series is to create a magical environment for parents and their children to read stories aloud together and discuss the characters and how they resolve the challenges presented to them.

In addition to writing children’s books, Stormy is president of The Friday Group, a management, marketing and facilities management consulting firm.

More information on the illustrator and publisher.

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